Nowadays, Python is an popular language in most trending technologies of the decade such as Big Data, Data Science, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Cyber Security.

As a matter of fact, it is simple, open-source, general-purpose language. Therefore, it is easy to learn Python for everyone. This is the most essential reason behind its success among the big data programming languages. With its rich set of libraries and easy-to-use features, it works wonder for big data processing and analysis.

Python features

The following features make this language a well-suitable for rapid data science application development.

  • Interpreted language, it does not need any compilation
  • Unique in its way with less coding that makes it more acceptable for the users
  • Dynamically defines variable types
  • It is strongly typed that needs manual typecasting
  • Python is portable, scalable and extendable
  • Python has gained a lot of importance in big data. With its set of data processing libraries, Python is an easy to use language for data scientists. However, it allows big data experts to create scalable applications. As well as, it is easily integrated with the web applications.

Final Thoughts

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